Citizen Sister Podcast Appearance

My friend, Stephanie Reese invited me onto her award winning podcast “Citizen Sister”. I was humbled and a bit surprised when she suggested it, but as as with life now, I’m saying yes to things. For those that don’t know Stephanie:

Stephanie Reese is an international singer, actress and philanthropist who has done sold-out solo performances at New York’s Carnegie Hall, and performed concerts with Patti Labelle and Natalie Cole.
Her solo career has taken her around the world performing roles such as “Kim” in the German production of Miss Saigon, “Esmeralda” in the Disney World Premier of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and “Princess Tuptim” in the King and I at the Palladium Theater in London’s West End, “Princess Kogajin” in a new musical Marco Polo (the Untold Love Story) at the Shaw Theatre in London and at La Viegtiem Theater in Paris.

The Internet

We recorded two podcast episodes on the day of recording; mine and then immediately after my friend Todd MacCulloch joined the show and I helped interview him. If you are interested in listening to the show, you should be able to listen via the embedded player below. Otherwise, search out the Citizen Sister Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

Meet one of Stephanie’s new friends the extraordinary Beau Ross! He is a fellow Bainbridge Islander and marketing man but also has mastered the art of good conversation. We deep dive into what marketing is, talk about how being a ‘natural helper’ made him who he is today, and have some good laughs too! We even challenged him to come up with an impromptu marketing campaign for a scrunchie!

Citizen Sister Podcast