Living Life in Twin Peaks

I was 10 when I watched my first episode of Twin Peaks. For those not familiar with the hit TV show from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost, the collective r/TwinPeaks community summed it up best:

“Imagine you’re putting together a 1000 piece puzzle, and all the pieces are everywhere. Slowly you’re start to get things together, but then you get to the end and you realize that there are a lot of pieces missing. So you look at the box and realize it’s not even the same puzzle from the box. And then David Lynch runs in and kicks the puzzle pieces across the room.”

Reddit user zlink457 & Orang3Lazaru5

My older brothers would stay up and watch the show and I, not wanting to miss out, would sneak in on occasion. After the season 2 finale, I was hooked and leaned into the fandom, led primarily by my older brothers.

We had the Twin Peaks soundtrack and I would listen to it on repeat as I drifted to sleep.

The show’s influence was responsible for a bit of a creative renaissance for me as a teenager and kickstarted some of my early filmmaking endeavors.

We visited North Bend as a family around 1993, got a piece of cherry pie at the RR Diner and one of my brothers bought the recently released “Secret Diary of Laura Palmer” book from the outlet mall.

My wife and I bought our our first home in the town of North Bend, WA (which is home to many iconic Twin Peaks locations. We spent 8 years living the Twin Peaks dream, complete with strange events and dangerous people in the forest.

We even dressed up as characters from the show for Halloween one year! Thank you Kyle MacLachlan for the shout out!