DDB Seattle

DDB is one of the largest advertising, marketing and PR agencies in the world and I was fortunate enough to start my professional career there.

I started as an account coordinator within DDB Direct, the direct response division of the agency run by Brian Hunt (who is a legend in the Seattle marketing world). I, along with a cohort of other recent college grads all jumped into the low spot on the totem pole. We got stuck with most of the tedious work, but luckily my technical skills helped create some trust and rapport with the rest of the agency and allowed me jump up the ladder pretty quickly.

I spent most of my time shadowing Jennifer Butler (who is truly one of the most detail oriented people I know). I eventually joined the “interactive” team, led by Aaron Rosenstein. This was early 2000s, so digital marketing was just starting to become a bigger part of the media mix for our clients. Our team drove the planning, execution and analysis of all digital marketing campaigns.

Clients included:

  • Microsoft
  • The North Face
  • McDonalds
  • Amtrak Cascades
  • Holland America
  • Safeco
  • HopeLabs